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the New Entrepreneur

Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible system.
The Junior CMS

301 Redirect Features are Built in so you can save PageRank when switching to Junior.
The Junior CMS is a versatile, ever-expanding Content Management System programmed in WebDNA.

This is a self contained system that frees you from needing to pay multiple companies for services. It was designed to be easy enough for the computer neophyte to use, yet powerful enough to run your entire online business with it.

For the techie: It is a stand alone system that exclusively uses WebDNA server side scripts, and WebDNA databases. Break free from forced upgrades with PHP, .NET, SEQUEL Server, and mySQL. Just break free and join the Junior movement to rebuild the internet with a better system.

Junior was originally designed as a proprietary CMS for the retail jewelry industry with the mission to give a single person the ability to successfully manage up to 30 unique websites at a time.

Using Jr, you do not need an outside company to set up a blog, generate QR codes, upload PDF or Flash files, or host your eCommerce platform.

Junior is now moving toward open source. All the features explained on this website are part of the Junior 5 system.

Learn about the current version of the system here