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Who Uses Junior?

First and foremost Junior was created to manage the needs of a retail jewelry store. Junior 5 has a very large product catalog designed for the unique needs of a jewelry store.

Junior 5 will come will the option for the jewelry product format, or a generic format for any business type.

All the other Junior features are usable by any industry.

Although Junior powers more than 150 domain names right now, most of them are retail jewelry stores.

Here's a selection of sites that have pretty cool Junior implementations:

Who Uses JrDemo Jewelry Website
This is the demo website we show to retail jeweler stores when they want to see a wide range of features and how they function together.
Who Uses JrHocon Gas
Connecticut's largest family owned propane supplier. Hocon needed a system that would serve all 11 of their locations across all 5 of their business models.

Hocon Hearth House
Who Uses Jr
This is Hocon's hearth division. The product catalog used in this version was customized for their needs.

John S. Cryan Jewelers
Who Uses Jr
This jewelry store in Pennsylvania is utilizes several features, including the testimonial feature for customer reviews.

Ethnic Technologies
Who Uses Jr
This setup of Junior required a bit of custom programming because they needed to have their PDF generator integrated into their website somehow. This website is also using the preview/publish feature with administrative permission levels so one employee can enter content and manager can go in afterwards and proofread and publish the content.

Jewelry By Gail
Who Uses Jr
Jewelry By Gail in North Carolina is using the catalog feature to showcase their store's collection of ever-changing jewelry items.

Centurion Tools
Who Uses Jr
Ever need a fancy drill bit? Centurion Tools started on the Psicopedia eBusiness System and recently migrated to the Junior CMS. They've had more than 5800 sales through their website.

Old First Church
Who Uses Jr
Junior is powerful enough to run a small business and simple enough for use by a church. Old First Church posts their special events and prayers of the week.

Kansas Jewelers Association
Who Uses Jr
This state jewelry association manages their membership on their PC website and on their mobile website. Consumers are able to use the built in mobile features to view information on local jewelers.

Cashier Training
Who Uses Jr
Here's an education website that uses Google Checkout to pay for subscriptions. Google Checkout then provides a confirmation number that is used to activate a login account. Users are then able to download a PDF of the training manual or access the mobile website version of the training course. The mobile website taps into the membership module to create a password protected mobile site.

City QR Code
Who Uses Jr
We're saving the best for last. This is our own system QR Code system designed to rival all other QR Code companies. Users of the Junior system can create membership communities to share QR Codes, or you can keep all the glory for yourself. Many of the local stores in our home town have our QR Codes in their window.

Adirondack QR Code
Who Uses Jr
This should appeal to printing houses and marketing companies that are trying to generate extra income through the use of QR Codes. Why not be the master of your own QR Code website like ADK did?