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Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
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Unlimited Products & Categories

Product Database

GlitterPaw's product databases has been tested up to 160,000 items when in simple product mode, and 9,000 items in extended mode. The fast, and reliable WebDNA database system allows GlitterPaw to process and rendered pages much faster than an Apache/PHP/MySQL counterpart.

Speed tests show that PHP/MySQL takes 105 seconds to search 40000 times while WebDNA takes only 3 seconds for the same type of search. These numbers will fluctuate up and down depending on how fast your own server hardware is.

GlitterPaw was built for speed. The product catalog is split into several relational parts so the less frequently used fields are only read when needed.

Category Database

The product category database is much simpler than the product database, consisting of one database table.

There's no built in limitation to the category database and it's been tested up to 490 categories without issue.

As your e-commerce system grows, the categories can expand to your needs. Initially you can start with URLs that include variable strings for product IDs and category IDs. As your need increase, and as you find SEO to be more important, you can migrate your product catalog into using an advanced dedicated URL structure without the need to ModRewrite on your web server.

In other words, when you are ready to grow you will not need to call a programmer. Websites with 30 categories have been restructured within 8 hours of casual work.

Unlimited Products & Categories
This is what the Extended Product Categories look like. Notice the URLs in green, that feature works without Apache's ModRewrite.