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Uploading Inventory

Uploading inventory to your website one item at a time is a very tedious job, yet most CMS' don't offer a better way.

Through hardship, lots of hours of usage, and a few "oops" along the way we've come up with a few methods to upload inventory.

First, for those retail jewelers using the EDGE program, you can upload directly from it to your website.

For everyone else we've created a way to upload a TAB delimited Text file that you export from Excel.

Uploading Inventory
This screen shot shows 63 files are ready to process.
After you've manually uploaded your files (via FTP or HTTP through the browser) you will see an indicator like this one shown on the left. That link will allow you to process the bulk upload.

Uploading Inventory
Final Process report after bulk upload.
Once you've processed the manual upload you will receive an email notification that it completed, and you will see the screen shown to the left.

The upload routine allows import of the most common product catalog fields. A more advanced uploaded can easily be written by any WebDNA programmer. You could even customize any FTP or XML fetching of inventory files to add into the system without user intervention.

Protecting from Auto Updates

If you've used a bulk uploader in the past you may have already experienced the headache that comes with accidental re-uploading of products that you've manually edited on the website. Yeah, this is where our "oops" comes from. Hours of work erased in a blink.

But no more. GlitterPaw has special product catalog field protection. Simply check a box and protect the Title, Subtitle, Description, and Quantity on hand from being overwritten. Two other options allow you to protect the entire record from all updates, and to prevent it from being removed from the site during a batch upload.

The screen shots below show these features.

Jewelry Product Catalog

This screen shot shows the protections for the Title, Subtitle, and Description fields.

Jewelry Product Catalog
This screen shot shows the protection from changes to in-stock quantities, protecting the entire record, and protecting the item from being deleted.