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301 Redirecting

Easy Upgrades

301 Redirect Features are Built in so you can save PageRank when switching to GlitterPaw.

301 Redirecting
Sample 301 redirect management screen.
301 redirects are a necessary method to keep your Google ranking intact while doing spring cleaning on your pages, or when you migrate to a new website.

SEO is an important part of GlitterPaw's core programming, and since so many people were converting to GlitterPaw we felt it was necessary to create a simple to use 301 redirect module so the URL structure of old websites could transfer to a new website.

But on a day to day basis, if you decide you need to remove a page, or a page title is no longer reflective of the content that you're posting upon it, rather than delete the page and stop dead all search results where that page would have shown up, set up a 301 redirect.

This redirect is done simply with the name of the new page (or replacement page, if you're linking to an existing one) and a layout change. Done. Now you've prevented people from hitting an error page when they go to that page and instead can put them on the course to a similar topic, different catalog options, or an appropriate new path.

How Bout your Own Shortcode?

Our 301 Redirect module was built for a reason, but now it seems many website owners are using it to manage their own URL shortener.

Say goodby to the need to!

This system allows you to change the URL destination whenever you like. Mix the short URLs with QR codes and you even have tracking.

Fancy Pants!