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Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.

Auto-Fill Meta Tags

Trying to make your SEO life easier

GlitterPaw has a few simple rules to follow that could make your SEO management a lot easier. In fact, Google seems to be pushing everyone toward de-seo-optimizing their websites.

Some users of our older CMS saw 12.5% increase in their organic traffic after upgrading to GlitterPaw, while others saw a ridiculous 283% increase.

Auto-Fill Meta Tags
Sample web page using paragraphs 1 & 3.

To the left we see a basic screen shot of one of the other pages of this website. The "Paragraph 1" says GlitterPaw Software Overview. The Paragraph 3 starts with The core element of G.P.S. is flexibility...

Auto-Fill Meta Tags
This is how GlitterPaw auto generates the meta tags.
GlitterPaw takes paragraph 1 & 3 and figured out how to name the page title for local SEO, and snips the first 150 characters from paragraph 3. The rest of the meta tags are defaulted through the system.

Tweaks to the auto-fill meta tags can be performed by your WebDNA programmer.